Frustrated with commercial photography I returned to black and white photography with the intent of making beautiful prints that meant something to me.

After initially experimenting with different digital methods for converting to black and white I found one that works for me and is what I strived for in my dark room days. But in the back of my mind I have always wanted to print photogravure. -I purchased an etching press over 20 years ago!!

However, the chemistry and exacting technique of copper plate photogravure was beyond me then, and even now. Step in online research and I found cone editions' website where they touted a polymer photogravure process! Gone was the chemistry, expensive tissue and copper, and exacting technique for plate making!

I quickly fell in love with the process and began a new and yet familiar phase to my work. I've found that I once again enjoy crating still life pieces and the smell of plate oil and etching inks was something that satisfies my soul whenever I walk into my studio.

I hope you enjoy my creations -Harry

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